Surprise! GMOs aren’t just in the foods you eat

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by Robert T. Fraley SEPTEMBER 23, 2015, 5:00 a.m. EDT

While critics vilify genetically modified foods, it’s worth taking a closer look at the ways GMOs are improving our lives.

Over the past few months, developments in the ongoing debate over GMOs have led more to question if genetically modified foods really harm us. In April, Chipotle announced it would use only non-GMO ingredients. More recently last month, Germany has moved to stop the growing of genetically modified crops under new European rules.

It’s clear the use of genetic modification in agriculture continues to be vilified in some circles, despite decades of testing and endorsement by the world’s leading scientific and medical organizations. GMO crops, critics allege, are untested science experiments, foisted upon technology-addicted farmers and the general public by powerful corporate interests.

Given all the words that I and many others have already devoted to this subject, I won’t revisit that debate here. Instead, I want to bring attention to a fact that many people may not realize: GMOs in agriculture are just one small part of a much bigger story. The use of GMOs in crops is not an isolated development. To the contrary, GMO science and its applications are everywhere around us. And GMO technology is saving lives every day.

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