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High tech farm animals stuck on the shelf

Opposition to the use of biotechnology in livestock has been more intense than with plants. Several biotech livestock traits are in limbo as a result of this opposition. Some of these traits have MORE »

Recent Agbiotech Developments

Opponents of biotechnology often claim that the cost of using biotechnology is too high compared to conventional methods. This study shows that the costs associated with developing a genetically engineered blight resistant potato MORE »

House passes GMO labeling bill

The House has passed the Senate compromise on GMO labeling 306 to 117. The bill will now go to the president who is expected to sign the bill. House passes GMO labeling bill MORE »


GMO Food Labeling Bill Passes In The Senate

The Senate passed a compromise bill that will require labeling of foods made with genetic engineering. The compromise allows food companies several options including text labels or bar codes that consumers could scan MORE »

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Kongming Wu Vice-President Chinese Academy of Agriculture Sciences: Genetically Engineered Crops in ChinaMon Oct 3, 2016
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Where:
Room 3503 (Stephens Room) Thomas Hall
— 3 days away
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