If Science Is Good for Climate Change, Why Not for GMOs?

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Bob Langert
Monday, October 19, 2015

We have an important battle going in our society: the conflict between science and emotion — facts vs. fabrications and nuance vs. simplicity. When I started working in the field of sustainability, I thought science was sacrosanct. As tough scientific issues arose, I soon learned that I was wrong. Today, science is more based on convenience. What data can I find to fit my personal viewpoint?

You can find this conflict in many places, where prevailing, straightforward science is brushed to the side. Climate change is a telling example. The vast preponderance of science shows us that climate change is real, and mankind has an impact.

Yet in America we have a sizable climate-denying onslaught that is a slap in the face to science. Those who believe in climate change, myself included, are baffled as to why others aren’t on board.

Oddly, these same science-wavers, when it comes to genetically modified organisms for crops and food, flip in favor of non-science. The vast majority of studies show GMOs are safe for public health and the environment, yet many climate champions are against them.

That’s why most of my sustainability friends look at me as if I am crazed when I say to them, “Let’s be open to the use of technology in food.”

Sustainability advocates can’t have it both ways. If we want science to rule, we cannot bend when the science does not conform to our entrenched belief.

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