When Genetic Engineering Is the Environmentally Friendly Choice

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Crop Hybridization and Genetic Engineering: An Illustration Using Playing Cards

Dr. Paul Vincelli of the University of Kentucky demonstrates why some refer to genetic engineering as precision breeding. Notice the need for backcrossing using in tradition hybridization can be eliminated with genetic engineering. Backcrossing is usually conducted for 4 to 6 generations and still does not remove all the unwanted genes from the donor plant. Eliminating the need for backcrossing is not only more precise, it can save valuable time in getting disease resistance genes in the hands of growers. This is especially true for perennial crop such as fruit trees. Imagine how long a 5 generation backcrossing program works with a fruit crop that takes 5 years to reach sexual maturity.

Dr. Vinvelli’s video

Dr. Vincelli’s video demonstration reminded me of a somewhat similar video demonstration I did a while back called “Tools and Genetic Engineering”.

Dr. Vincelli explains in more detail here in the article entitled “WHEN GENETIC ENGINEERING IS THE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY CHOICE”.