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Videos About Genetic Engineering

There are more videos available on our YouTube channel.

Are GMOs Good or Bad? Genetic Engineering & Our Food

Voices and Views: Issues and Challenges in Crop Biotechnology

CRISPR: A Gene-Editing Superpower

Fox News 8 Buckley Report Looks at GMOs (County Agent Tim Hambrick interviewed)

FASS webinar: Does the scientific literature suggest the need for mandatory process-based labeling of GE food (82:49)

Gene editing can now change an entire species — forever – Jennifer Kahn (12:25)

Genetic Engineering (how is it done?) (29:07)

ISAAA Biotechnology Videos (multiple videos)

Jennifer Doudna (UC Berkeley / HHMI): Genome Engineering with CRISPR-Cas9

Mark Lynas Lecture at 2013 Oxford Farming Conference (51:52)

National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine. GE Crops Webinar, Donor Organizations: April 30, 2015. Why innovation in agriculture matters. (1:42:42)

National Academies of Science – GE Quality Traits (1:37:12)

Physicians on Biotech Video Series 1 of 5: Is there a link between biotech foods and allergies? (2:02)

Physicians on Biotech Video Series 2 of 5: What are the benefits of biotechnology? (2:33)

Physicians on Biotech Video Series 3 of 5: Are biotech foods safe for children and pregnant women? (2:30)

Physicians on Biotech Video Part 4 of 5: Should genetically engineered foods be labeled? (2:09)

Physicians on Biotech Video 5 of 5: Are there any proven health risks associated with biotech food? (2:52)

Dr. Pamela Ronald: Plant Genetic Engineering and the Future of Food (1:52:02)

Dr. Pamela Ronald on TED: The Case for Engineering Our Food (17:49)

Dr. Pamela Ronald and Raoul Adamchak: GMOrganic: A Botanical Love Story (3:47)

UF/IFAS Biotechnology Literacy Day, Dr. Robert Wager – What Does Science Say ABout Popular GMO Myths (30:17)

UF/IFAS Biotechnology Literacy Day, Dr. Robert Wager, Dr. Bruce Chassy – Risks vs. Benefits  Health, Safety and Environment  (36:00)

UF/IFAS Biotechnology Literacy Day, Dr. Val Giddings  – Public Policy, Testing, Labeling, Patents (27:00)

UF/IFAS Biotechnology Literacy Day, Tamar Haspel,  The Washington Post  -That can’t possibly be true! Engaging and Persuasive Science Communication (26:26)

What you need to know about CRISPR – Ellen Jorgensen