Genetically Engineered Salmon to Be Raised in Indiana (May 2, 2018 update)

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AguaBounty has announced that their AquAdvantage Atlantic Salmon will be produced at a refurbished fish farm in Indiana. The genetically engineered salmon was engineered to reach market weight about twice as fast as conventionally farmed salmon using less feed and time to reach market weight. This was accomplished by inserting a growth hormone gene from Pacific Chinook Salmon and a promoter from a fish called Ocean Pout.

AguAdvantage Salmon  is being produced and sold in Canada and this would be the first production in the United States. The genetically engineered salmon was approved by FDA in the the U.S. but a rider to a spending bill by Congress prohibited importation until the FDA finalized mandated labeling.

5/2/2018 update – FDA Approves Application for AquaBounty Salmon Facility in Indiana